Sunday, July 15, 2012

California Chronicles Part 2: Desi Thai Bhai Bhai

A few days into our California trip, we decided to venture out for some good ole' Thai, a good substitute if you get tired of desi and still want the rice-and-spice. Duly checked Urbanspoon, and picked the # 3 recommendation (the top 2 were a tad pricey). 

Thai Spoons - a tiny place tucked into a shopping block, almost unnoticeable. A few minutes into the buffet meal, I wished it HAD gone unnoticed. How could trusty, dependable Thai go so, so wrong ?  My basil chicken looked and tasted like dog food, the hubby's plate (red curry) had virtually none. We paid $8 a pop for tasteless crap - the complete opposite of what Thai should be. 

Fast-forward to yesterday in Greenville - I really needed a Thai fix to help recover from that disaster. We found another tiny little place called Kannika's with great recommendations, and ordered basil chicken again, with some trepidation. What if ............?

Needn't have worried. This is what Thai should taste like - bright, crisp, spicy curry, succulent chicken and fragrant, fluffy jasmine rice. This time, the $8 each seemed perfectly well-deserved. 

Such is the conundrum of Urbanspoon - some days, it leads you to little gems hidden behind the Toys R Us and Staples; other days, to culinary hell-holes whose bad taste stays in your mouth long after the meal is over. 

Do you use Urbanspoon or similar websites for restaurant recommendations ? What has it led you to ?

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  1. I use burrp and zomato all the time! They're usually pretty reliable.