Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wings On Fire

One bird, and a million different ways to cook it - my love for all things chicken is evident to anyone who has seen me in its company. Nostrils flare, drool puddles, and the stomach rumbles when I get a whiff of my favorite culinary ingredient.

Having had my fill of the desi, tikka-masala variety, I decided to venture into (so far) uncharted territory - the wing. To me, it seems like this country has it all wrong; why the fuss over the scrawniest part of a plump bird ? At least in India, the wings were tiny - all bone, no meat. All that gnawing on the bone puts me off too. But one episode of Man Vs. Food featured a wing joint in Greenville, so we HAD to check it out.

We arrived at the Quaker Lube Wing Stop ( for lunch, and immediately saw what Adam had ordered - an order of their "Atomic" sauced wings. Here's the scale they use to define the relative heat of their sauces:

And behold, they had topped their own fiery fiesta (the Atomic), with the fierier, hotter, death-wish Triple Atomic !!

Now, you ask - did we ? Nope, we chickened out (ugh) this time. We tried Cajun and Arizona Ranch. And we could have them boneless ! Yay !

Here's the Cajun (served with pita wedges):

and the Arizona Ranch (served with soft pretzels):

While the chicken itself was juicy and nicely done, the AR sauce was almost bland, and the Cajun seemed like one of Maansingh bhaiya's generous mirchi days - a tad hot, but nothing to write home about. So much for the rating of 4000 ! 

This has now boosted our confidence enough that we will, on our next visit, give the Atomic a shot. If we survive that, the Triple Atomic will be our crowning achievement.

Watch this space !!


  1. Go for it. American super hot = Desi mild.

    1. Yep ! the Thai places in the city actually do it well. Their "hot" is HOT.