Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crunchy,spicy goodness - Magic Masala

Ahh ! Frito Lays ! The creator of The Chip - that tiny bite of crisp saltiness that gets you hooked. You can choose from a smorgasbord of flavors; some favor the plain salty, some the subtlety of sour cream, and yet others like it cheesy. 

None of those pansy-a$$ flavors for me, though. I like bold, fiery - I want my chip to kick me in the face ! In India, my staple favorite (for years) has been the Magic Masala flavor of the rippled Lays. It's been a constant companion - for studying until the wee hours in college, through the tumultuous years at the job, late night chats or books that I can't put down.

It's what I instinctively reach out for when it rains, or when I get bored of bland foods, or simply when 1 am (or 6 pm) cravings hit. It was an easy (though unhealthy) snack at work - packaged, non-perishable, cheap, and delicious. 

So you can imagine my chagrin when I discovered that my favorite blue bag had not made it to the shores of USA ! I searched desi grocery stores all over Houston and Frederick and Jersey, to no avail. Was I doomed to making do with Doritos, or having dad spend ridiculous amounts  to ship me a few bags ? 

Up until now, yes. But then...........a miracle ! We walked into the friendly neighborhood desi grocery store in Greenville, and presto ! There it was - the familiar flash of blue that had me drooling in anticipation.

I happily slapped 2 packs into our shopping cart; the husband recoiled in horror ! He knew what was coming - arriving home to a sea of crumbs, blue wrappers and a fat wife smelling of garlic and paprika. 

That's when I swore to myself I'd never let that happen. I no longer eat these by the pound; I stretch one 2-oz  bag a whole week. I now treat these calories bombs like an indulgence, not a meal. And I gargle with mouthwash afterwards. 

All is well.

Uh oh, it's 1 am..........

P.S. Some say chips go best with beer; I say nothing beats a chip chased down with a cold Thums Up (more on that later).


  1. If I had a penny for summer nights spent with the holy trinity of Harry Potter, Magic Masala and Thumbs-Up, I'd be a rich kid by now :)

    1. Bahahahaha ! I think I should start doing that again. Then again, those 3 pounds were REALLY hard to lose.

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  3. hahaha...i remember this blue wrapper used to be on your bed all the time and your thums up in our fridge and not to forget your bhutta...everytime i went to market i knew i would have to get alteast one of these.

    1. Everyone who has lived with me knows my grocery list - chips, thums up, bhutta, mangoes, grapes, milk powder, maggi. Thank you for all the bhuttas ! Will write about that sometime. :)

  4. hahaha..loved it...reminds me of ur fixation to good old pack of blue lays